Going out of broken love hurts Wuling

Going out of broken love hurts Wuling

Constitution 1 does not prevent anyone from venting the distress in their hearts, regardless of ordinary people or heroic heroes. When they fall in love, they will inevitably have short-lived heroes and tears.

At this time, if you want to cry but not dare to cry, or even make you laugh, on the surface, it seems to be “majestic”, but it is actually very harmful to the human body.

Everyone should have the right to cry, especially in the case of broken love.

Those who cannot cry in front of everyone should also find a place to cry in private; those who are not used to crying loudly should not prevent their tears from flowing as much as possible.

  In order to save the starting point, most people will have the urge to talk to each other to talk to each other.

In fact, the psychological motivation for finding a good talk with each other at this time is “we talk again, we can clear up all misunderstandings, and then we will get together as before”, this is the main reason why the last negotiation in the love field is always incomplete.

The problem is that this impassioned attitude is in return for more and more impatience and boredom.

The correct way is to “get away, the faster you go, the more decisive, the more proactive you are, the more you save your face, the greater the shock and attraction to the other party.” This is “not entangled.”

  Scale 3 After a rational analysis of where the problem is painful for a while, you should face yourself rationally and analyze where the problem is.

Since breaking up is a fact, we must dare to face reality.

Remember, as mentioned earlier, this is not a question of right or wrong, but a question of suitability.

All you have to do is find what you can’t stand for the other party; when is the other party happiest and why?

When is the most painful and why?

  After these factors are inspired, look at what can be changed, and change if you can.

See what can’t be changed, next time you find a lover, look for those who can better adapt to your “traits”.

  Constitution 4 Don’t be afraid to know that the most embarrassing thing about your situation when you are in love is that everyone knows it.

The breakup of the love scene, the most difficult thing for an abandoned person is how to explain to the outsider why he was abandoned.

The average person will use some strange immature reasons to fool.

If a savvy friend pretends to understand and is embarrassed to ask further, although it is unbearable to leave the brokenhearted with a little doubtful look; in case of encountering some people who like to break the casserole to the end, the person often asks the person who is embarrassed and abnormal.Feeling more sad and painful.

  If someone pretends that “I am in love with my lover” when falling in love, this psychology will be a little sick.

It is recommended not to be afraid of others knowing when you are in love, and you can even let others know. At this time, if you feel that others are asking questions and asking questions, your mother-in-law will make you unbearable, and you will not prevent the following formula from being applied: “So, so and so, I ask youAnnounced bad news, I was abandoned, the other party has other targets.

I am sad now, but I believe it will be better in a few days.

Please do n’t ask me why, shall we stop talking about these?

Thanks, bye.

“Then you go back and weep for a while, and you will find that the love affair is not so terrible.

  Constitution 5 learns that self-reliance and self-reliance. The most common reaction in the early stages is loss of confidence, self-reproach, resentment, feeling faceless, or self-degeneration, and escapism.

The method of revenge is not advisable, but he is discouraged and uses his tears to wash his face every day. He misses the business and looks pitiful, but he is also a failure.

Because these actions just make the other party more proud and forgetful and do not have the slightest benefit to themselves.

  The best way to deal with the anger after a broken love is to live a good life, to be self-reliant, to live better than before, and to make your future studies and careers more advanced and developed. In the future, you will marry (marry) a better object than before.