How do older women buy underwear?

How do older women buy underwear?

Women wearing white underwear are conducive to the discovery of the disease.

Because the physiological function of the elderly is gradually declining, some diseases are often unexpected, especially many gynecological diseases can identify variables through the change of leucorrhea color.

  For example, patients with cervical cancer often present with watery leucorrhea, yellowish color, sometimes accompanied by bloody secretions; trichomonas vaginitis, the color of vaginal discharge is grayish yellow, grayish green; fungal vaginitis, vaginal discharge is like bean curd.
  Therefore, choose underwear to try not to choose underwear with color or pattern, brake to see the color of the leucorrhea, find the disease as soon as possible, and see a doctor in time.

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After 2 years, you should check the secretions on your underwear in time, pay attention to your own body changes. If you find that your body is abnormal, you should go to the hospital for treatment. It is best to do a vaginal cervix or TCT examination every year to find out early and treat early.
  Women, especially middle-aged and older women, should not wear all kinds of colored underwear.

This is because women wear a variety of colored underwear, the leucorrhea caused by it is often not easy to distinguish, which affects the early detection and treatment of some gynecological diseases.

  For example, when women are suffering from trichomoniasis or fungal vaginitis, the color of their vaginal discharge will turn yellow-white or watery; when women have cervical cancer, their vaginal discharge will become abnormally cloudy, even with red or yellow.
It can be seen that the resulting vaginal discharge is an early signal of many gynecological diseases and a means of diagnosing many gynecological diseases.

In the middle-aged and elderly women, the ovarian function is significantly reduced, and the natural defense ability of the vagina is greatly reduced, so various pathogenic bacteria can easily invade the body.

  Therefore, women, especially middle-aged and older women, are best to wear white cotton underwear, do not wear a variety of colors, red, pink, green, blue, gray, black and yellow colored underwear, stepping on the patient’s vaginal discharge and timely discoveryA variety of gynecological diseases, early detection and early treatment.

  Too many elderly friends often don’t pay much attention to wearing them. They save their inertia for a lifetime. They often find it cheaper to buy underwear. They don’t pay attention to the size, style and color of underwear.

In fact, although the underwear is small, it has a healthy and close relationship with the elderly.

  How do older women buy underwear?
  In terms of material, it is best to choose pure cotton underwear.

Due to the poor permeability and hygroscopicity of the chemical fiber underwear, the sweat of the perineum is not easily evaporated, which is very beneficial to the proliferation of bacteria and inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

However, it should be reminded that although cotton underwear absorbs sweat, it is not easy to keep dry and weak in constitution. Older friends who are sweaty should pay attention to timely replacement.

  In terms of color, it is best for older female friends not to choose underwear with color or pattern, and it is best to wear pure white underwear.

This is because, when wearing colored underwear, the color of the leucorrhea that symbolizes the expectation of the elderly is often not easily discernible.

  Leucorrhea is an early signal of gynecological diseases that many elderly friends are susceptible to. For example, patients with cervical cancer often show abnormal vaginal discharge, red or yellowish; elderly people with trichomonas or fungal vaginitis, the color of their vaginal discharge will change.Yellow or white or watery.

If you wear a pair of white underwear, the old man can check the color of the leucorrhea in time without delaying the illness.

  The loose and comfortable pants are the most suitable for the elderly.

This is because the blood circulation of the elderly is relatively poor, and the briefs and briefs are listed, which can reduce the binding and friction on the thighs and facilitate blood circulation.

  The waistband of the underwear should not be too tight. The waist of the elderly often passes through, and the underwear with tight waist is easy to block the blood circulation of the abdominal organs.

In addition, it is best to choose underwear with a waistband higher than the umbilicus of the abdomen. Older friends must pay attention to the warmth of the umbilicus. Otherwise, the navel may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other various diseases.