Massage a beautiful face with a big slap


Massage a beautiful face with a big slap

Women always feel that they should lose another 5 pounds.

Weight loss, no perseverance, not fast enough, it doesn’t matter, starting from the face, it instantly turns into a 45-degree small V face, making people visually feel that you have lost 5 pounds.

However, as you get older, skin becomes slack, stress builds up, collagen content decreases, and elastic fibers break, all of which can cause the skin to lose its firm contours.

How can I get a small face beauty?

Here’s your advice.

  Every woman wants to have a pocket-sized, beautiful face.

But there are always three major obstacles that get in your way.

Sit in the right seat, find the root cause of your fat face, and thin your face easily, then you can simply become a small face beauty.

  Obstacle 1: Edema The formation of facial edema is related to health status and daily life.

Insufficient body functions or abnormal daily routines can lead to poor blood or body fluid circulation or poor excretion.

The most basic solution is to maintain normal daily routines and healthy habits, plus exercise, pay attention to skin care, and replenish moisture anytime, anywhere.

  Expert advice: Large face with edema, commonly known as “puffiness”, is commonly found in people who have long-term diet, malnutrition, gluttony, high-salinity foods, or women with endocrine imbalances.

In terms of improvement, based on regulating the endocrine level in a healthy diet, products that promote local microcirculation (usually containing caffeine, pepper, ginger, aromatherapy essential oils, or traditional Chinese medicine) are supplemented with appropriate lymphatic drainage massage.Action, by promoting fever, sweating, promoting local circulation, after continuous long-term replacement, it will indeed be effective.

  Obstacle 2: If the face shape is skewed, if the face shape is asymmetric, in addition to the structure of the face bones and muscles, habitual facial expressions and long-term eating habits are also important reasons for face skewed mouth.

For example, breathing, talking mouth shape, even sleeping position, standing position are closely related to your face shape, and even your chewing food is always used to chew your teeth, which may cause the face shape to be skewed.

  Experts suggest: large muscle-type face, thin face products for external use do not work well.

First of all, you should change your bad habits, especially the balanced use of double chewing, which has already formed a large and small face. Pay attention to using the opposite side to gradually achieve bilateral symmetry.

In addition, the immediate method is to solve the problem of excessive chewing muscles by injecting botulinum toxin.

  Obstacle 3: Unfortunately, the most common confounding of young girls is that their faces always look “meat”. This kind of fat face also has a nice name “baby fat”.

However, in addition to the influence of the growth of the personal law, the reason for this fat face is too much eating, and the arms of the sebaceous glands are more than the muscles.

The face is slightly piled up, of course, the face is fat and chubby, pay attention to the daily calorie intake, exercise more, eat less, is the beauty of small faces.

  Experts suggest: Aunty face, it is not easy to lose face with fat burning cream, because external products are difficult to penetrate the skin and reach the unfortunate layer.

Weight loss can be helpful throughout the body. You can also use radio wave lifting or microwave tightening treatment.

Microwave compaction is mainly aimed at small sexual obesity. Using high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the water molecules in the tissue are rotated and rubbed to generate thermal energy, and the collagen in the skin is stimulated to contract and achieve the effect of lifting and compacting.

This method is a good choice for adults with large faces.

  Facial Gymnastics Room: Facial Gymnastics is the most direct and practical way to shape your face beautifully. Make an exercise plan and set aside your time. Follow our “face exercises” instructor and start your beautiful face journey: Day thin face massage. Appropriate massage for the skin during the day can stimulate skin microcirculation, accelerate drainage, improve the problem of facial edema, and achieve a thin face effect.


Start with the middle finger, pull up to the forehead position, and repeat the action about 5 times.


Then use the five fingers to refer to the edge of the abdominal margin.


Start at the margin of the forehead and press it along the hindbrain to the back of the neck as shown in the figure. Do this about 5 times.


Slightly lower your head, and put your thumb on your brow.


Starting from the brow, press the thumb to the temple.


Finally press along the belly to the temples to remove toxins.
  Night thin face massage should be massaged in the evening, combined with appropriate essence or massage cream, can make the skin better absorb skin care products, strengthen the thin face and enhance the effect.

Press the bridge of your nose with your left hand, and press your right hand from your brows to your temples.

  2 The fingers of both hands are curved as shown, which has the effect of supporting the cheeks.


Massage your hands and fists up and down along your neck, repeating the movement about 6 times.


Press the face with the palm of your hand, the mouth shape is “O”.


Press your index and middle fingers under the ear.


Finally, press the collarbone from under the ear and along the neck.

  RF rejuvenating fiber and facial treatment: using bipolar radio frequency technology and infrared technology to solve wrinkles, double chin, pigmentation, freckles, facial, muscle, and skin surface edema.

Gently massaging the whole body with suction pressure can instantly improve the contours of the face and achieve a long-lasting slimming effect.


Remove makeup and clean thoroughly, and remove dirt with acne needles.


Use both hands to press through the lymph to speed up the lymph circulation.


Spread evenly with an anti-cellulite and moisturizing serum.


Using a radio frequency machine, massage from the neck to the cheekbones.


Then press from the chin to the cheeks, and massage the whole face for about 15 minutes.


Finally apply a sedative and moisturizing mask.

  Philosophyy Skin Tightening Skin Care Therapy: The Living Water Firming Device first cleanses the skin with a moisturizing scrub; Apply a gel containing skin care essence and use the Living Water Firming Device for 10 minutes; Finally apply a collagen mask to increase skin elasticity.

  After three courses of treatment: the race is obviously white and even, and the dullness around the eyes has also improved.

  Facial tricks in the face: There are other practical tips for getting a small face.

Although it is said that the creation process of small face beauties is expensive and persistent, but some labor-saving tips can allow you to transform and complete the small face beauty goals with less effort.

  5 minutes facial swelling method: As you drink too much water before going to bed at night, you will find that your face is twice as swollen as usual, and your eyelids are up.

Try this set of facial swelling reduction method, the problem can be solved in 5 minutes.

  Change the usual way of washing your face, alternately wash your face with warm water and cold water to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Or drink a cup of diuretic oolong tea (or coffee) to quickly drain excess water.

Cover the ice cube with a towel and apply it on the puffy eyelids for 3 minutes to reduce the swelling with the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.

  Facial Squeeze Method: This is the secret thin face technique of beauty.

First of all, you must prepare a boxing headgear protector-don’t get me wrong, we won’t let you use a fist to thin your face.

The head protector has thick sponge tissue in the inner layer, which can well cover the skin of the entire face and can exert pressure on the face.

When you re-protect your head when you sleep at night, you can continue to put pressure on the facial muscles. By squeezing, you can maintain tension in the muscles, thereby consuming energy to achieve a thin face.

  Japanese bag face retouching: Bag face is the most common facial feature of Asian women, especially in Japan.
Just because I saw street snapshots from Japanese fashion magazines, they all modified their bag faces very well. The most amazing thing was the natural makeup effect.

A make-up artist teaches you how to apply powder and shading to help your face turn into a melon seed: Step 1: Dip a wet brush onto a makeup brush, sweep from the fundus to the cheeks and forehead, and effectively distribute the wet powder.

  Step 2: Puff the whole face with powder, and use the powder concealer to highlight the eye circles and belly.
The method is to use a small sweep to gently press the print on the fundus to increase the degree of applicability, and then to the sides of the nose.

  The third step: hit the shadows, use the rouge to sweep the shadow powder from the cheekbones to the corners of the mouth, this can modify the bag face.

Scanning the light and shadow powder on the bridge of the nose and chin can make the contour of the entire face more prominent.

  The Benefit Concealer Set has a very fine texture and a light pink color, which makes the complexion look more rosy.



C two-color light and shadow contour powder Two-color light and shadow powder helps to reconcile the hue. Light color alone can be used as highlight, dark color can be used as shadow, and the powder particles are smooth and the color is natural.

  BOBBI BROWN Cloud Rouge ¥ 250 / 48g This blush with pearl shine factor brings extraordinary shine.

Silky formula is easy to absorb evenly. It is recommended to use BOBBI BROWN professional blush brush.

  Bright star-shaped face-cut hairstyle DIY: Although not everyone is born beautiful, and does not have a standard slap face, but the hairstyle can change the face shape visually.

Before learning DIY face-lifting hairstyles, let me show you how to find the “golden ratio” for your face shape.

  Golden Ratio Law: Makes the face shape look smaller. The proportion of thin face hairstyle is to look at the shape line of the hairstyle and the top of the head and chin to form a “diamond”.

  Thin face haircut cheat 1: The top of the head is divided into a “Z” shape. Many people are used to dividing the hair on the top of the head into a clear hair boundary, but the too obvious dividing line will make the top of the head look flat and it is difficult to create a “diamond” outline.

You can use a pointed comb to separate the hair from the zigzag line and then use the mud to grab the roots of the hair to create a fluffy feel.

  ”Big face dish” Rong Zuer used hair styles to decorate her overly large cheekbones.

  Face-lifting Hairstyle Cheats 2: Using long bangs to cover the cheekbones and cheekbones completely in front of your eyes will make the proportion of the entire face look large.

We can use the long bangs hanging down to cover the contour lines of the cheekbones to make the face look more compact.

  Zhao Wei cleverly used long bangs to shape her face.

  Thin-faced hairstyle tips 3: The ear side spreads out to conform to the “diamond-shaped” contour. The hair on both sides of the ear side should expand and create radians, increase the weight of the hair, and make the face look lighter.

When making a hairstyle at home, use a curling iron to curl the hair on the side of the ear, and then loosen the hair with your hands, the amount of hair looks much more.

  Chen Huilin often shows people with long curly hair, which can increase the sense of weight in half of her hair to show her small face.