7 behaviors that look hygienic but hurt your health

7 behaviors that look hygienic but hurt your health

Now people are more and more concerned about the hygiene of life and diet. Some habits in life seem to be very hygienic, but they actually cause harm to the body and even cause cancer. See if you have it.

  Note that these 7 behaviors look hygienic, but they hurt your health!

  1. There are some bad businesses that use white paper to wrap food. In the process of producing paper, in order to increase the whiteness of the paper, a fluorescent whitening agent is placed. After contacting the food, this substance will slowly penetrate into the food.

Fluorescent brighteners are not easily broken down in the body. If they are replaced in large quantities, they will accumulate in the liver, which will cause carcinogenic factors.

  2. When heating and eating when it is spoiled, some people are frugal and frugal. They are not willing to waste food. They will cook the spoiled food at high temperature and pressure. It is believed that this can kill bacteria. Otherwise, the toxins secreted by the bacteria are resistant to high temperatures.It is not easy to be destroyed and decomposed.

  3. Use a towel to dry the fruits and tableware. The tap water that is usually used is purified and disinfected, as long as the fruits and tableware washed with tap water are clean.

The towels are not thoroughly cleaned, and the bacteria inside will directly attach to the dishes and fruits, causing secondary pollution.

  4. If the fruit is rotten, dig it out and eat it directly. If the fruit is not placed properly, it will inevitably have a problem of rottenness. Some people will dig out the rotten part and eat it. This is wrong.

It is also possible for bacteria to infiltrate into the remaining parts and even let the microorganisms multiply, causing aflatoxin.

  5. After waking up in the morning, when the quilt is sleeping, it will inevitably discharge sweat. When you get up, you will immediately fold the quilt, which will leave sweat in the quilt, which will breed a large number of pathogens.

There will be sweat odor for a long time, and it will also affect sleep comfort, which is not good for your health. After getting up in the morning, you should turn over the quilt, stack it after 10 minutes, and expose it to the sun once a week.

  6, using wine to disinfect tableware, some people always use white wine to wipe chopsticks and bowls for disinfection, the applied disinfection alcohol concentration reached about 75%, but the alcohol content of white wine in life is less than 56%, simply not reachTo the efficacy of disinfection.

  7. Incorporating and using the same drug toothpaste Although the drug toothpaste can inhibit certain bacteria, the same type of drug toothpaste cannot be used continuously. This will make the bacteria in the oral cavity slowly adapt to the environment and thus reduce the sex. Toothpaste should beReplace regularly.

  Tips: Pay attention to the hygiene of the diet. The rotten fruit should be thrown away directly. Do not eat moldy foods such as peanuts and soybeans. The aflatoxin contained in it is a strong carcinogen.