Husband and wife get together the best strategy

Husband and wife get together “the best strategy”

If you want to win love in a double-player game, it is not enough to rely on external charm and conditions. Love is just like politics, it also requires sophisticated skills and a calm mind.
Therefore, love believers who have been covered with scars in love may wish to learn the skills of evil men and women to manipulate love.
Because love requires wisdom, not conditions.
IQ and EQ alone are not enough, but we also need to know how to plan.
  适度地让对方伤心  作家吴若权先生认为,在两性交往的过程中,轻易承诺往往是爱情最大的杀伤力,因此适度地让对方伤心,可以让彼此的关系更具有弹性,但切记并非让情人陷入绝望, The size of which depends on how much pressure the other party can withstand.
  For example, when one of the people in love asked, “Will you love me for a long time?
“In such problems, if you know that there are many unknown variables in the future, but you sing” Love you for 10,000 years “to him, you are afraid that your feelings will change in the future and you will fall into the name of Bo Xing in vain.
However, if your answer is “I will try, but not guaranteed!
“Maybe when the other party hears it, they will feel a little sad, but a frank attitude will help the emotions to develop on a more rational path and avoid unnecessary quarrels.
  When people talk about love, they are intoxicated and talk about love. Everyone thinks that they are the most serious. However, in the process of getting close to each other, being too serious will cause unnecessary pressure.
Love with a little sense of humor, but it will make people remember.
For men and women who are interested in dating or in love, moderate flirting and speaking sweet words from time to time really help sublimate emotions.
Silence is a golden proverb, but it doesn’t apply to love.
Rhetoric can be described as a flame of passion.