[How to make various sweet potato powder cakes]_ making cakes _ how to make

[How to make various sweet potato powder cakes]_ making cakes _ how to make

Everyone knows that sweet potatoes taste special and sweet, so many people put sweet potatoes into powder and use them to make a variety of cakes. In this way, the taste of the sweet cakes is also very fragrant, but when we make sweet potato cakes, we willI found that the dregs may be dropped at some time. In order to avoid sweet potatoes, we can add some rice flour appropriately. What is the practice of various sweet potato powder cakes?

Material: Sweet potato starch, eggs, green onion, refined salt. Prepare the required materials. Add the eggs to the sweet potato starch and mix well, then add an appropriate amount of water to stir again. Add the onion and the appropriate amount of sweet potato starch.Stir salt and monosodium glutamate again; add an appropriate amount of cooking oil to the pot and heat, and then pour the stirred sweet potato starch into the pot three times. Use the back of the spatula to slowly place the starch dressing in the middle of the pot on both sides of the pot.For medium starch thickness, be sure to apply it slowly over a small fire until there is no more water in the pot. Then repeat the above steps until the adjusted sweet potato starch is used up.

After it is out of the pan, wait for the pancakes to cool a bit, and then cut them into small pieces with a knife.

In the end, the sweet potato pancakes have been prepared.

List of ingredients Sweet potato powder, edible rice, two and a half cups of rice, two eggs, one chive, edible oil, one and a half spoonful of salt, half a spoonful of chicken essence, cooking in the right amount Step 1 First pour the sweet potato powder into the bowl,I use a measuring cup. If not, I can use a bowl. It is probably a bowl and a pile of bowls. Everyone looks at the package and thins it with sweet potato powder and thickens it with water.

2 Chives, wash and cut them into green onions!

Then pour the sweet potato powder!

3 Pour the shallots and beat with two eggs.

4 Add a bowl and a half of water to a paste and add a spoonful and a half of salt, half a spoonful of chicken essence, and a moderate amount of soy sauce. This water does not have to be as I said, depending on the situation. 5 Oil under heat, oil temperature 50%It looks hot. You can feel the heat manually.

Then fry the prepared potato flour until it can be flipped over and flipped.

Remember to add more oil, or you will fry the 6 until it is golden on both sides, and you can put it on the plate. If you think it is too large, you can cut it into small pieces!

This recipe is especially oily, so don’t be reluctant to put oil on it!

Also, don’t go into the pot at one time so that it ca n’t be cooked. Gather it five or six times and fry it once before frying it, and you must stir the potato flour every time, because the potato flour willPrecipitation, if it does not follow, it will appear particularly thin and not shaped, and the bottom will not be cooked because there is too much potato flour.

So be sure to stir, and for the last time, the potato flour will be dense and you can add some water!